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Riverside County Sober Living Coalition

Grievance Policies

Sober living guests have the right to file a written grievance with the riverside county sober living coalition if they have a legitimate issue:
  1. If the grievance is with another guest in your house, the grievance must be in writing and given to the head of house.
  2. If the grievance is with the Head of House, the written grievance must be given to the owner.
  3. If the grievance is with the owner of the house, or you feel your written grievance has been ignored by the head of house and / or the owner of the house you may file a written grievance with the sober living coalition.
When the sober living coalition receives the grievance, they will assign it to the field organizer and then the standards & ethics committee if necessary. they will then investigate the complaint as follows:
  1. Make contact with both party’s involved and interview them separately.
  2. Bring their findings to the next sober living coalition meeting and recommendations for action to be taken if any.
  3. The coalition will take a member vote on action to be taken if any.

Written complaints can be submitted to minutebyminute365@gmail.com

The sober living network can be contacted: minutebyminute365@gmail.com